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Why Flag Football?

Offers Inclusivity: Flag is a great sport for both boys and girls of all ages – even the younger ones. There are no height or weight restrictions, making it a game everybody can play.

Favors Flexibility: Flag supports all skill levels and sports priorities – from fun competition to learning the fundamentals of football to prepare for a transition into tackle.

Promotes Fitness: Flag encourages physical activity and healthy movement, ensuring your child spends quality time away from the screen.

Introduces Football: Flag provides a natural entry point into the world of football, creating opportunities for your child to learn, engage and grow with the sport.

Teaches Teamwork: Flag instills the critical value of teamwork and teaches your child how to play and interact well with others.

Builds Confidence: Flag equips your child with the skills to build and grow their confidence levels both on and off the field.

Instills Sportsmanship: Flag teaches your child what being a good sport and team player looks like, emphasizing what it means to win and lose gracefully.

Survey says:

  • Among surveyed parents of kids who play flag, teamwork was the #1 benefit associated with the sport.
  • Over half of all surveyed parents agree that developing friendships with teammates helped contribute to their child’s love of the game.
  • 72% of surveyed parents agree that flag football is useful and/or necessary before transitioning to tackle.
  • 68% of surveyed parents agree that flag football should be available for kids of all ages.
  • Over half of surveyed parents of current flag players agree that building confidence is a key benefit of flag.

Woodstock Youth NFL Flag Football League 5 on 5

Ages 7-17

Teams of a mximum of 10 players minimum of 7 players.

Players receive offical NFL Flag Jerseys.

League runs Sept to first Saturday in November for 8 weeks.

Games on Saturday afternoons between 1pm and 4pm

Registration open June 1st to August 17th

To register go to registration page and select Fall NFL Flag registration form.